Dosithee Gabelus — a woman with a mission.


Dosithee Gabelus is a woman with a mission.

“I’m a talent enhancer,” she says. “My role is to help consultants and infopreneurs to develop their business online.”

After more than 15 years in the world of business, Dosithee decided to use her skills to help other people and launched her Special Enterprise blog. Through her posts, she offers advice on everything from ensuring the legal status of your business to dealing with isolation and loneliness.

Her goal is simple: Make your passion your income.

“I started because I realized that there was need for clarity and connection among infropreneurs,” Dosithee explains. “I help them to better understand their position and how to sell online.”

It’s a journey

Every business is more than just products and numbers. Dosithee feels her role is to take her clients on a journey, helping them to understand their position in the market. She sets them up with online sales mechanisms and provides advice specifically on the French system.

People starting out in an online business need concrete answers to concrete questions.

“What services and products should you offer? How can you promote your business?” Dosithee says. “Or even, how do you find your first customer!”

Looking forward

When thinking about the future. Dosithee would like to get to a position where she can offer training. She feels that she has learned so much during her career that she wants to transmit to other entrepreneurs.

“It’s about finding that perfect combination of personal life and professional life,” Dosithee says. “Both for me and my clients.”

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Article by Nat Newman

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