The best way to run WordPress sites.

Simple, fast, secure, managed hosting

Security First

Automated updates and firewalls. Secure architecture. Built by security researchers.

Control Panel

Manage all your websites through a single control panel user-friendly by design.

Expert Support

Our support staff are WordPress developers. Get real answers when you need them.

Modern Cloud Hosting & Site-care

JungleWP® solutions are extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with. This will shorten the time needed to build your dream website.

Global CDN

With zones you’ll be able to safely distribute your content over cutting edge fast Cloudflare’s global content delivery network and bring your content closer to your visitors worldwide.

Fair Pricing

Pay only for what you use, whether you’re a developer, an agency, or an infopreneur. There is no extra fees or complex pricing.


JungleWP® acts like a server where our Team of WordPress experts will give you peace of mind that your site runs well. You don’t have to install anything, or struggle with server performances.

High Tech

JungleWP® is backed by the most modern web technologies. We’ve made WordPress hosting on the cloud intuitive, reliable, secured and easy for everyone.

Dedicated Pod

A Pod (as in Jungle Pod) is a group of one or more containers (that act as a cloud server), with dedicated storage and network.

Simple Control

Our interface is built with the (KISS) methodology, keep it simple and smart. We guarantee you will love the difference in simplicity and performance.

Better Protection

The bread & butter of our platform are the WordPress isolation layers, called Pod users. These allow a better protection and control of each individual sites.

Peace of Mind

Our highly valued care plans prevent from broken updates and downtime with our daily and real-time backups, security scans, and errors detection.

Optional add-ons for any plan

Extend your plans with special needs

Real-time Backups

Every change that happens on your website is backed up immediately. This means that your backup is always up-to-date, automatically. 

Premium Care

Weekly site maintenance with managed updates, security and performance tuning for your individual sites.

Image Compression

Get up to 80x faster loading images, we optimize your images to slash website load time, boost SEO ranks, and increase conversions.

Uptime Alerts

Get website availability alerts by email or SMS if your website is down from 30 different locations across 6 continents.

Extra Sites

Additional sites installations for your dedicated server to scale as you grow. For more than 10 sites please contact us.

Media Offloading

Any static images, JavaScript or CSS files is moved to the cloud using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to reduce the load on your WordPress site. 

Any special needs?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best solutions!


WooCommerce sites are very demanding. If you run a large online store it is important that you choose a solution based on High Availability that scales as you grow.

Entreprise Hosting

We serve billions of pageviews monthly with absolute reliability and 100% uptime. Working with mission-critical sites is our speciality.