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Is your WordPress site crashing?
Keep your WordPress site always up and running.

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You are assured that we will manage spikes in traffic to keep your site UP.

keep your website accessible to all your customers during high traffic peaks by choosing our fully managed WordPress high Availability service.

Now you can be a more confident in running your online business as we deal with all the technical challenges for you.

Stop losing money & customers when your site is down and Improve your reputation as your brand is known for its reliability vs. your competitors.
WordPress High Availability.

For WordPress sites that need to handle a large amount of traffic consistently, without risking downtime.

With our automatic solution, when traffic increases, we dynamically add more servers to run your website from your visitors nearest location.

Don't bother how fast your site should come back online anymore.

We offer an enterprise grade high availability solution tailored for WordPress that will not only help your site to load fast, but will also tackle high traffic peaks with no impact to your visitors.


With our High availability solution, there is no downtime.

Standard hosting downtime: 5.04 min.
Premium hosting downtime: 1.01 min.
JungleWP High Availability: there is no downtime.
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Rock solid WordPress High Availability

High availability is now a core requirement for any serious business website. JungleWP helps all WordPress sites willing to achieve world-class performance and uptime using our Industry leaders solutions.


Setting up Highly Available systems as we do for WordPress is the most innovative way to get no downtimes. We’ve helped several small to large business setup and maintain their high availability.