WordPress Hosting For Enterprise and High Availability

Our managed platform takes away the burden of DevOPS, server administration, security, performance, and uptime monitoring.

WordPress High Availability by JungleWP

JungleWP is designed from the ground up for hosting high performance, scalable WordPress sites.

Super Architecture

Modern, reliable, scalable, unmatched speed, secure, to help withstand natural disasters, or high traffic surges.

24/7 Support

24/7 world-class dedicated support for your mission critical WordPress sites.

Managed Hosting

Use your time on driving more business and perfecting service to your clients. We manage your Infrastructure.

Global Reach

Be placed in any of our Global data centers in Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Middle East.

Unify experience with commerce

We empower your teams to build websites, portals and experiences that they can deploy without any downtime for your global customers.


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JungleWP Managed Cloud Infrastructure as a service is a comprehensive, open, flexible, and interoperable solution that simplifies the process of developing, deploying, scaling, and managing WordPress.

JungleWP is on a mission to revolutionize the underlying tools and processes to better help your business scale WordPress for million users globally. To do so, we make sure your data is secure.


Deploy on a pre-installed Performance server, or scale in a highly available fault-tolerant cluster.

Deploy or update your WordPress application from Github, and use the power of version-control

Offload your media to our Cloud Storage and serve it lightning fast with our Global CDN.

Reduce your data workload with redundant fully managed relational databases.

Comes with wp-cli, composer, npm and git.

Supports WooCommerce, WP-Rocket, WP Super Cache.

Roll critical updates or features without any downtime.

Speed up your WordPress application speed with a modern WordPress hosting stack.

Scale your WordPress application on multiple cloud servers for high performance and availability.

Use ElastiCache to cache database queries on Memcached servers.

includes automated site backups and weekly server snapshots.

Secure containerized environment.

Painless database migration, site restore and monitoring.

How we help big brands scale WordPress?

JungleWP® scales your website so your organization can deliver breakthrough products, services, and experiences to your global customers with 100% uptime.

Impact your customer journey
Win, serve and grow your business.

Our unique High Availability platform allows big brands, social media or e-commerce sites to scale up to their needs, and remain always available when worldwide visitors need it the most.

  • High Availability betters your brand’s reputation

  • We provide a Rock-solid, Auto-Scalable web platform

  • We support your customers with 100% Uptime

  • We impact your customer journey with reliable performances

  • We help you build a stronger engagement with your customers

“We migrated our WordPress sites to JungleWP, and they changed our entire mindset for running our blog, they enabled us to scale quickly without any downtime! The team is welcoming and extremely responsive on support tickets.”

All JungleWP® Plans come with the following

Our dedicated hosting infrastructure is built on top of cloud leaders platforms which puts the power of Amazon, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and Google hardware at your fingertips.

Developer Friendly

We empower your team with modern developer tools.

Redis object caching

Varnish page caching

Managed Core/Plugins updates

Development environments

Painless Scaling

Painless resource scaling and white-glove support.

Unlimited backup retention

Real-time full site backup

Staging and cloning

Media offloading

Reliable Hosting

Multi-region redundancy, and enterprise-grade security.

Performance Analytics

Advanced Network Security

Unthrottled Global CDN

Managed SSL

Your Peace Of Mind starts with JungleWP®

Contact our technical sales team for an in-depth need-based consultation.


Managed Infrastructure

We provide managed WordPress experience across a scalable stack on a load-balanced pair of nodes, to a cluster of 10+ machines with world-class power compute.

Auto-scalable Cluster

Our High Availability plans allow duplicated critical components and systems so that in the event of any type of failure, we can quickly provide automatic backups or replacement.

24/7 Support SLA

We don’t do tiered support for our High Availability plans so you can speak directly to our Cloud engineers that know the ins and outs of getting the most from your WordPress site.

Fastest WordPress Stack

WordPress have very specific resource optimization needs and usage patterns. That’s why we‘ve crafted a WordPress Stack to accelerate and secure your WordPress installation.

Modern WordPress Hosting

Our performance technologies include PHP7 to accelerate WordPress, NGINX and Brotli that deliver unmatched speed. We utilize Redis and Varnish to further accelerate users experience.

Instant Content Delivery

We securely deliver your media content and site static assets (JS, CSS) and cached files instantly from anywhere with low latency and high transfer speeds to reduce your WordPress site’s workload.

We help brands | WordPress sites

We take pride in helping our clients that rely on WordPress everyday with scalable, flexible, and reliable managed solutions.

Some of the brands we've worked with

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Embrace agility and drive results

JungleWP® delivers flexible cloud scaling and additional Human support beyond Managed WordPress Hosting.

Pricing (USD)

Starts from


High Availability Config from $ 749/mo

Business class hosting ideal for resource intensive media websites with high performance requirements, continuous deployment and monitoring options.

Starts from


High Availability Config from $ 2999/mo

Enterprise class hosting for e-commerce, social platforms or membership applications at scale with high concurrent users.

4 vCPUs or 8 vCPU on 2x high availability setup

Custom cluster up to 4x the compute power


8 GB Ram or 16 GB on 2x high availability setup

Custom up to 4 x the ram


No Cap on PHP Workers

No Cap on PHP Workers


50 GB SSD Storage

Custom SSD Storage


Dedicated Managed Database

2 Multi-AZ RDS: MySQL or Aurora


Page caching and Object caching

Page caching and Object caching


Flexible Configuration

High Availability Setup


Managed devOPS Support

Dedicated devOPS Support Seat


Global CDN

Global CDN and Media Offloading

Pricing (USD)
Staging Standard

You save $ 120/mo


With Relational Database $ 239/mo

Fully managed Development or Staging that replicates your production environment with DevOPS support and CI/CD deployment pipelines.
Staging Advanced

You save $ 110/mo


With Relational Database $ 279/mo

Additional power compute for demanding applications. Comes with DevOPS support and CI/CD deployment pipelines.

Bursting 2 vCPUs on staging platform

Optimized 2 vCPUs on staging platform


Bursting 4 GB Ram

Optimized 4 GB Ram


No Cap on PHP Workers

No Cap on PHP Workers


50 GB SSD Storage

50 GB SSD Storage


Dedicated Managed RDS MySQL or Aurora

Dedicated Managed RDS MySQL or Aurora


Page caching

Page caching


Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration


Managed DevOPS Support

Managed DevOPS Support

We never limit pageviews/visitors

This chart may be useful to understand the capabilities of each plans (Growth and Performance) in term of performances.


20 Million


8 Million


10 Million


4 Million