How we updated your site to WordPress 5.0?


WordPress 5.0 was released on the 6th of December 2018 and it includes in the core the new editor, Gutenberg. We were watching closely this big change coming to WordPress and tried to make sure we are all prepared.

In this article we will try to explain how we updated our clients sites successfully to WordPress 5.0 and how our team finally fell in love along the way with the new editor.

  • What is Gutenberg?
  • Themes Compatibility
  • Plugins Compatibility
  • How we prepared your site for the updates?
  • How to work safely on your WordPress site with JungleWP?

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the name for the new editor coming to WordPress in version 5.0.

In this fresh release the classic editor is replaced with a brand new block editor, much like a Page builder or a content builder for those more familiar with sites like Medium.

Currently, the Classic editor by default was thought mainly to write content, much like a Word document where you can add paragraphs and images, headings and lists.

Gutenberg on the other hand is a total upgrade to the classic editor that allows much more than just writing simple content. In Gutenberg, everything is a block and it will allow you to do everything that you can do in the classic editor and a lot more.

You also need to know that the editing interface is also on the admin side of your site, so it is not an actual front-end editor (this may change in the future).

This goes without saying that we strongly feel that Gutenberg is a good thing for the future of WordPress, this is why we believe you should give it a try, before you decide if it is the fix against all your previous editing headaches.

What are the optimal settings to keep Gutenberg and the Classic Editor in WordPress.

Simply go to the Settings » Writing page in your WordPress admin area. You will see the option to do this under “Classic editor settings”.

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

You will now be able to see a new link under the Posts menu to edit new posts using the the bloc editor or the Classic editor:

Block Editor | Classic Editor | Quick Edit 

You will also be able to edit older articles using the classic editor. Simply go to Posts » All Posts page and you’ll see a ‘Edit (Classic)’ link below posts.

Themes Compatibility

We already tested major themes to make sure they are compatible and we made sure that there are no problems for this update.

What you need to know is that even if your theme is not fully compatible, in most cases your site will not break. In fact the only thing that you won’t be able to do is to create pages or posts like you used to do before.

But WordPress have your back with the Classic editor plugin that clearly saves the day for outdated themes.

In the next months all active themes will improve the integration and make sure all Blocks from Gutenberg will look better and better.

Plugins Compatibility

Right now the problematic plugins are those that need to behave with Gutenberg. But for most other plugins they have already been ironed out and prepared for WordPress 5.0 since a while. That’s the reason why at JungleWP we never shy away from keeping your sites up to date. Yes you can say thank you to WordPress 4.9.8 that made sure this release goes smoothly for everyone.

How we prepared your site for the updates?


Incremental real-time Backup & Verified Updates

We backup your website just before we apply any update, so that you have a fresh copy to restore when you want. Thanks to our new Backup solution TimePod, we tested the updates in an independent clone of your live site. Once confident, we decided to apply them to your live site.

We hardened your site

The biggest problem today with most web applications is that everything runs under the admin role, there is no separation of privileges. This means one vulnerability and you take it all…

  • The administrator user that is running WordPress (including any plugin or theme) can modify any file on the site.
  • Some critical URL can be accessed directly, even when they are not supposed to be used that way.
  • The admin panel (wp-admin) runs in the same domain and within the same codebase/permissions as the rest of the application.
  • Admin users can install any plugin/theme, which can then modify any file and change anything in the database.
  • Most users log in as admin, even though they don’t need “admin” access most of the time.
  • very plugin and theme has the same level of access (and permissions) as the core of the application (no separation of privileges).

How we improve your Security Posture?

We use application isolation for those of you running more than one site on their dedicated Pods and on top of that, we create a new user per site that will assume the role of the a new webserver (NGINX) for your site, disallowing the default webserver (NGINX) from having those rights.

This means that each sites have their own set of privileges and they run in a containerized environment so that what happens on a site never gets propagated to your other sites.

But the journey does’t stop quite just there, in fact there is also our risk reduction policies that we apply for sites on our Premium Care Plans, these policies include more than 10 WordPress hardening points that we automatically deployed on your sites. And finally we use one of he best Web security platform (Sucuri) to schedule and run security scans on all your WordPress sites.

This helped us ensure that your sites will stay protected every time there is a new update, plugin or theme installation.

How to work safely in WordPress with JungleWP?


TimePod is a service of JungleWP ™

Moving forward with your WordPress actions, we recommend that you test your changes in an independent staging version of your live site and once confident, apply them to your live site. The staging takes only few seconds to generate and is the most secure way to stay on the safe side of your WordPress adventure.

We hope you are satisfied with all the work that have been done for this update, and we look forward to more exiting opportunities to help you get on the path to success with your WordPress site!

Best regards,
Your WordPress Peace Keepers

Article by JungleWP

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