How WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg Will Affect Your Site?


WordPress 5.0 is released, this update will certainly change how as a WordPress user you create content. This means you need to prepare for the changes to come, especially since these are big changes. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what tangible effect WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg will have on your site. We’ll talk about how it will impact your site’s theme, plugins, and existing content.

 Finally, we’ll show you how we will proceed to updating your site so you can be have peace of mind that your WordPress Peace Keepers are on top of this update.


With the new 5.0 update, the old classic editor will be replaced entirely with Gutenberg a new visual editor. And it can’t be denied that Gutenberg represents a massive change in how content is created within WordPress.

WordPress 5.0 is mainly based on PHP 7.2 & 7.3 implementation. As you can imagine, this means the end of support for outdated  and old plugins and themes for your site.

You can get started with the new editor here.

How this update will affect your site?

WordPress 5.0 shares the same code base as “WordPress 4.9.8 + Gutenberg.” In other words, as we already updated your site(s) to the latest version of WordPress few months ago, your site won’t actually change too much when 5.0 gets deployed.

Gutenberg finally will be replacing the classic editor (and relegating it to a plugin) this is the big news here for our JungleWP Tribe.

The next steps for WordPress 5.0

The release of WordPress 5.0 also isn’t the end to the changes in store for the platform. Matt Mullenweg recently announced ‘Phase 2’ of the project, which will be the next step towards implementing Gutenberg across every aspect of WordPress.

While the editor is currently solely used to manage posts and pages, the developers are aiming for it to become a fully-featured site builder in the future. This means elements like widgets and menus will ultimately be replaced with Gutenberg blocks.

4 Things JungleWP will Do to Prepare Your Site for WordPress 5.0

We are here to help!

We’ve already emphasized the importance of this release for the future of WordPress. In this section, we’re going to show you how we will proceed to updating your site and what aspects of your site are most important to keep an eye on.

The future of hosting is not about server or technology it is about building a strong relationship with the humans of JungleWP.

Pedro.P CEO & Co-founder

1 – We will stage your site

Because your site is critical to your business, you cannot afford any lapse in performance. That’s why you can now test changes or updates in a staging site before going live, and this is what we will use to make sure nothing gets broken. We will Test your updates in an independent clone of your live site and once confident, apply them to your live site.

2 – JungleWP back up your WordPress sites as you make changes

Every change that happens on your website is backed up immediately. This means that your backup is always up-to-date. No more backups to remember or schedules to create. It happens automatically.

3 – We update your site with confidence

Your website is backed up every time an update is applied. In case an update breaks your site, a quick restore is just a click away.

4 – We make sure your themes and plugins are Gutenberg compatible.

We’ve mentioned that it’s possible to experience compatibility issues with Gutenberg, so let’s look at these in more detail. Many theme developers have already worked on ensuring their themes will be fully compatible once 5.0 launches, but you should take the time to check whether yours is one of them.

If you’re using a theme not compatible with Gutenberg, it will most likely still function, albeit with potentially restricted functionality. For example, a non-compatible theme won’t be able to use the new full-width and wide alignment options.

This will primarily affect themes that have become outdated or abandoned. If this is the case for your theme, you should look for a replacement immediately.

These considerations also apply to plugins. As with themes, most plugin developers have worked hard on bringing their projects up-to-speed with Gutenberg, We will check yours to make sure they’re compatible.

However, you’ll now need to double check your chosen plugins on a suitable staging site (As I am writing this email our team is already writing an tutorial on how you can work with our staging solution).

Alternatively, for Premium Plugins and Themes we can also help you send questions to their dedicated support.

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