International Women’s Day

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Why we plan to celebrate all year round

I met Pedro at WordCamp Belgrade last year and we immediately hit it off. We were talking about our different businesses — I write content and he offers premium hosting — and he told me about how he genuinely wanted to support women entrepreneurs and founders.

And so over a couple of beers, we came up with the idea for Madam Manager —this little publication right here.

It’s nothing grand — just a celebration of awesome women running awesome businesses.

Our aim is to publish 31 profiles of Madam Managers throughout March. After that, we’ll be featuring two women a month and by the time next March rolls around — yep, another 31 again 🙂

Why Madam Managers?

When we had a look around, we couldn’t find anything on the web that simply celebrates good people doing good things. You can find loads of advice or how-tos, technical solutions, or industry-specific sites.

But we just wanted to hear from these women founders — how did you get to where you are? What was your journey? What were the challenges? And the question that comes up time and time again — how do you fit everything in?

This isn’t about women who have it all. It’s about real women who are working hard to do what they love, to pay their bills, to run businesses, to create something better for them, their families, and the world.

So this International Women’s Day, we salute all the women who are putting it all on the line to follow their dreams and build their businesses.

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Article by Nat Newman

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