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Deliver tailored solutions, connect, create and run WordPress Multisite on the easiest and fastest cloud hosting optimized for WordPress with 24/7 dedicated support you can rely on.

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We make it simple to launch your website in the cloud and scale up as you grow with an easy-to-use control panel. Happier customers, no stress, everyone wins.

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All plans include free website migrations from your current host

Reliability for your business

Our hosting gives you dedicated cloud server resources, for your WordPress Multisite, with object and page caching, and our blazing fast CDN for instant global availability.

Painless domain mapping

You can easily add your domains to your sub-sites on your network, with automatic SSL.

Wildcard subdomains

JungleWP® makes it easy to add a wildcard subdomain to your WordPress Multisite.

Managed and scalable

Unite siloed websites with WordPress Multisite, JungleWP® supports your growing, changing business needs, and we do it in a way that you don't need to re-engineer WordPress or manage infrastructure.

Secure multisite hosting

Your WordPress Multisite is safe and protected with our built in server and web firewalls without any extra costs. Our server snapshots and daily cloud backups with one-click restores provide extra peace of mind.

We partnered up with wpultimo to offer you a simple way to easily sell your Website as a Service platform like Wix.com, Squarespace, WordPress.com, with just a few clicks. 

One platform, endless Solutions

We have solved WordPress Multisite hosting so you can easily build your own premium multisite network.


Headless CMS

Bring your own front-end with Multisite as a headless management platform. Store data, content, and other resources in a central location.

Website as a Service

Grow online revenue with first class self-service experiences, we make setting up and managing your website as a service, a breeze.

Customer Portals

Build strong reliable customer relationships that extend beyond the purchase, that you can manage from a single WordPress dashboard.

Launch from 8 Regions

New York City, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, Bangalore.

Managed Infrastructure

Automated server updates, resources monitoring and Managed External Database for top performance.

Dedicated IP and Redundancy

Dedicated IP, Floating IP, HTTPS Load balancer and IPV6 Support for security, SEO, and reliability.

“JungleWP support team is truly noteworthy, they really care about the customer in every aspect no matter what the issue is. I would definitely recommend JungleWP to everyone who needs help with their WordPress site.”

Our WordPress Multisite hosting plans

We can help solve your unique challenges from growing your online revenue with first class self-service experiences or by connecting corporations, schools, universities, news outlets, and more.

PROMO 1 month free when billed annually › Spend less time worrying about your infrastructure.

Best for starting with your Multisite network.

Free Sub-sites SSL
100 TB CDN/month
80 GB file storage
Domain Mapping
Daily backup
Wildcard domains


Recommended for Premium DYI Multisite Networks.

Free Sub-sites SSL
350 TB CDN/month
160 GB file storage
Premium Cache
Real-time backup
Media offloading


Designed for CPU-intensive Multisite Networks.

We help media, business, and Enterprise customers alike scale WordPress with duplicated critical components and systems to achieve high availability.
Best for starting with your Multisite network.

Free Sub-sites SSL
100 TB CDN/month
80 GB file storage
Domain Mapping
Daily backup
Wildcard domains


Recommended for Premium DYI Multisite Networks.

Free Sub-sites SSL
350 TB CDN/month
160 GB file storage
Premium Cache
Real-time backup
Media offloading


Designed for CPU-intensive Multisite Networks.

We help media, business, and Enterprise customers alike scale WordPress with duplicated critical components and systems to achieve high availability.

Modern hosting that grows with you

The most advanced configuration optimized for speed, security, and the flexibility Modern PHP and WordPress sites need.

From Multisite Growth
Web Security

State of the art web security.


OS and Patch Management, Slowloris protection, Handshake encryption, Argon2id password hashing, SSH and SFTP.

Dedicated Server

13 Datacenter Regions.

Choose a location

Create your resources in 13 datacenter regions.

Customer Support

24/7/365 Support.

Support Team

We provide a better experience for you and your team.

Cloud Control Panel

Crafted for Humans.

Control Panel

Setup your cloud resources with ease and reliably.

PHP 8 Ready Servers

PHP 8 ready servers.

Multiple PHP Versions

Ensure compatibility with major PHP versions.

Content Delivery Network

CDN out of the box.


+200 CDN Edge Locations.

1-Click Disaster-recovery

Regular server snapshots.

Disaster Recovery

Automatically-created disk images of your sever.

Seamless Vertical Scaling

Upgrade your server ressources.

Scalable hosting

Scale your server ressources as you grow.

Ultra fast SSD

Fast disks tuned to host web apps.

Optimized SSD

Scalable and fast SSD to host web apps, files caching, and databases.

Automatic Free SSL

Free SSL for all your websites.

Automatic SSL

Free 1-click SSL activation for all your domains and sub-domains.

Domain Zone Management

Protect and accelerate your web property.

Domain Management

Edit your domain settings, view essential traffic insights and boost your domain performance.

Web Analytics

View and track essential web analytics

Web Analytics

Accurate, privacy-first, web analytics.

Web Application Firewall

Protects your sites from web exploits.


Protects your web applications against common web exploits and bots that may compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Developer features

WP-CLI, PHP CLI, Git, Composer.

Developer Friendly

Powerful tools that allows you to use the command line to develop your web applications.

Supported Apps

PHP, Node, Python, Go.

Modern Hosting

Adds the flexibility modern PHP and WordPress sites need.

From Multisite Business
Fully Managed Servers

Engineer support on top of logs streaming.

Fully Managed Servers

We provide assistance with just about any issue or configuration request you may have with your server outside of custom software/script installations.

Database Object Caching

Speed up your WordPress installation.

Redis Object Caching

Redis provides a caching mechanism that acts as an alternative to the MySQL database. If a user visits a WordPress page, the MySQL queries required to generate the page are served with blazing speed via Redis which caches the results.

WordPress Backups

Automated incremental cloud backups.

Automated Backups

Safe guard your WordPress site, and save time with staging your live site.

Managed WAF

Managed Web Application Firewall rules.

Managed WAF rules

We provide protection against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic, without you having to write your own rules.

WordPress Security

Premium WordPress security features.

Premium Security

We secure your WordPress website with features like brute force protection, mobile and email 2Fa authentication, malware scanning, plugins vulnerability checks, installation hardening.

Transactional Cloud Emails

Reliable, and scalable email service.

Transactional emails

Service that enables you to send transactional mails like passwords resets, orders notifications, etc... from within any web application.

Premium CDN features

High performance content delivery network.

Accelerated Content Delivery

Offload and accelerate your WordPress images and assets on a global network.

Emails hosting

Email hosting for your site.

Email hosting

Standards-oriented email hosting with full support for SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 as well webmail.

Performance optimizations

WordPress performances tuning.

Performance tuning

We speed up WordPress performances based on experts best practices.

Helpful answers

Brilliant solutions for your websites, build modern websites fast and easy using JungleWP.

How Much Faster Will My Site Load on JungleWP?

Nearly all clients sites we migrate over from other managed WordPress hosting providers run faster at JungleWP®. Our clients moving their sites to JungleWP® from Bluehost, Siteground and WP Engine saw on average a 89% decrease in page load times.

Does JungleWP Provides Free Migrations?

All of our plans include free hands-off migrations. We transfer your WordPress website on your behalf without any need of your involvement. Special care is taken to ensure that everything is properly functional thereafter. In case of large sites (exceeding 600MB) or errors, a $90 fee may apply per each site.

Can I Ask for Additional Options (Storage, Extra Sites, Etc.)

It depends on what your site needs. You can either upgrade your current plan, or we can customize the storage space and the compute power of your hosting plan seamlessly. We also have an effective alternative with our Media Offloading extra option that copies files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3, and deliver your site medias and assets globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, on Amazon CloudFront.

How does SSL for multisites works on JungeWP?

JungleWP® supports FREE CERTIFICATESwith Let’s Encrypt for all your subdomains. When combined with WP ULTIMO, JungleWP® will automatically synchronize your client’s domains and issue certificates. For WAAS (WordPress as a Service) with more than 100 domains, you can also automatically allow Unknown Domains and ask your clients to use a free service like CLOUDFLARE to point their domains to your Multisite installation and benefit from Free CDN and Free SSL features.

How Does JungleWP Count Multisites?

Multisite setups are considered one install each. For example, you could have one multisite with 5 child sites, this is still considered one install because all the child sites in the network share the same installation and database.

Do servers come with dedicated IP address?

Yes, your dedicated server comes by default with a unique IP. It has many useful use such as allowing you to access your website when the DNS is not setup, providing increased speed when the traffic load is high, and bringing increased security. Additionally JungleWP® provides a floating IP address that you can assign to your dedicated servers and instantly remap between other servers in the same region. This allows you to implement a failover mechanism to build a redundant infrastructure.


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We offer top quality Cloud Hosting and white-glove WordPress Care plans to take care of all your website needs, so you can focus on your business and do what you do best.

Our online collaboration platform boosts productivity by helping global teams work together more efficiently and takes all the stress of managing infrastructure or technology off your plate.

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Fully managed cloud platform for your peace of mind.

JungleWP brings a robust and simple Cloud Hosting experience to Business, Entrepreneurs and Enterprise customers alike. We offer a range of fully managed hosting services needed for having a secure and solid start in the web .

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