The madness of studying as a new mum: Pauline shares her freelance journey


Making the leap into motherhood – and studying!

Deciding to study front-end development was both the worst and best decision Pauline ever made. 


Yes, learning front-end development has led to Pauline landing her dream job. But she misjudged how much time she’d have as a new mother.


“I thought I would get bored with the baby,” she says about her decision to study just one week after her little girl was born. “Never do that!”


“Didn’t anybody warn you?” I ask her, incredulous.


She pauses before answering. “Yes, they did. It was really stupid.”

From employee to entrepreneur and back again.

A French citizen who was travelled and lived all over the world, Pauline has a strong communications background, and has worked with various European organisations.


She reached a point, however, when she felt like she could add more value by learning to code.


She enrolled in the DEUST Webmaster et Métier du Web at the University of Limoges, France – yes, with her brand new baby! – and, after graduating, established GIDA Digital. 


The company originally provided web design and development. But recently, Pauline has landed the perfect position. She isn’t prepared to let go of her business, yet, so now she’s pivoting it towards copywriting, SEO and communications.


“I have this fulltime job now,” she says. “So it’s definitely too much to keep doing websites.”


This is the experience for so many entrepreneurs, particularly for women with young families. 


Sometimes you need to scale back the business so that you can strengthen your position. Re-prioritising is sensible right now, so Pauline is going to focus on writing, which she finds more enjoyable than web development.


“You’ve worked too hard on your business now to just let it go?” I ask her.


“Yes, that’s it,” Pauline says.

Premium hosting makes sense.

Pauline is one of JungleWP’s clients, and I’m so glad I got to talk to her. We shared some of our mutual pain about freelancing, how hard it can be to manage expectations, and how much time and energy you need to invest in your business before it starts to flourish.


It was for these reasons that she chose JungleWP originally for her premium hosting. She didn’t need another stress on her journey.


“At the beginning, I didn’t know anything about hosting,” Pauline admits. “I didn’t feel confident to do it myself and I was quite happy to have someone helping me.


“Premium hosting comes at a higher price, of course, but Pauline feels that the investment has been worth it.


“You really feel supported. They take the time to explain to you. And also to train you, if you want to do it by yourself,” she says. “They don’t mind telling you what isn’t

right and helping you to do it together.”

Just because Pauline is phasing out her web design business at the moment doesn’t mean that studying IT was a waste. With her degree, her strong communications background, and fluency in English, French and Spanish, she managed to land a fantastic job, and she has no regrets.


Congratulations on your business and good luck with your

job, Pauline. Thanks for being part of the JungleWP Tribe!


Does Pauline’s story resonate with you? Do you need a hosting partner who is fast, reliable and human? Welcome to JungleWP.

Article by Nat Newman

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