What’s new in WordPress 5.1?


After the release of WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” last year in December, this is the first major release of the year 2019. WordPress 5.1 is honoring the American jazz singer Betty Carter, and was released to the public on February 21st. 

Say Goodbye to outdated PHP Versions

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages on the web. In fact, 70% of all websites that use server-side programming use PHP. That’s 8 out of 10 sites.

PHP also powers WordPress websites. But a big problem we are facing in the WordPress community is that many sites, businesses, hosting providers, and developers aren’t supporting the latest versions of PHP.

This is why WordPress 5.1 “Betty” introduces new features from the Site Health project to improve Security and Speed:

WordPress will now detect if a site is running on an insecure, outdated version of PHP and display a notice in the dashboard with information about how to update PHP.

It also includes checks for PHP version compatibility with plugins. WordPress 5.1+ will prevent users from installing plugins that require newer versions of PHP than they have running.

With JungleWP, you have nothing to worry about as we already upgraded your sites to the latest version of PHP 7.3. Not only will upgrading instantly improve your site’s speed and performance, but it also provides security and compatibility benefits, too.

Performances for Gutenberg

Downloaded more than 35 million times , users who have adopted the block editor with WordPress 5.0 will notice that it is much more responsive and writing posts should feel significantly smoother. WordPress 5.1 includes performance improvements such as faster page initialization time, improved typing performance, and optimization of various background processes.

Hello Developers

WordPress 5.1 also introduces brings the following improvements under the hood for developers:

  • Multisite metadata: A new database table to store metadata associated with sites and allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite / network context.
  • Cron API: The Cron API has been updated with new functions to assist with returning data and includes new filters for modifying cron storage. Other changes in behavior affect cron spawning on servers running FastCGI and PHP-FPM versions 7.0.16 and above.
  • New JavaScript Build Processes: A new JavaScript build option is here, following the large reorganization of code that started in the 5.0 release.
  • Updates to values for the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant
  • New test config file constant in the test suite, new plugin action hooks
  • Short-circuit filters for wp_unique_post_slug(), WP_User_Query, and count_users()
  • A new human_readable_duration function
  • Improved taxonomy metabox sanitization
  • Limited LIKE support for meta keys when using WP_Meta_Query
  • A new “doing it wrong” notice when registering REST API endpoints

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