Why entrepreneur Yin quit her stressful job


And found confidence in herself along the way

Yin Tang Synesius is CEO of NaturellementRiche, an online portal to help people interested in real estate investments. Along with her husband, William, the two have grown their business from an idea into a comfortable success story. We sent Yin some questions about her journey.

My name is Yin and I’m 35 years old. Since October 2018, I have been a full time entrepreneur — and I am also a mother of 2 children! One is five and the second child is nine months old.

My major is in auditing and chartered accountancy. Around 2014, I realised my job was too stressful and was taking all my time, so I started to invest in real estate. I needed something that could give me a complementary income to work less or to have the choice to work differently. Luckily, my husband and I were totally in agreement to go in the same direction and work for our freedom.

We made our first mistakes in real estate on the first investment! We have since learned from that and have gone on to invest broadly.

The first challenge is yourself

Becoming an investor was for me a big challenge and I am really proud of myself. So for now I have decided to help people to do the same thing that I did.

Today, my husband and I have 3 different companies. One is a technical studies office, the second is a building renovation company, and the last one is a real estate company.

Today, we help our high quality customers to invest in real estate by giving them a One Stop solution. We find the building for them, we find the fund through our financial partners, we supervise the renovation, and we find the first occupant. Our goal for each of our customers is to get to €10k cash flow per month. This is a big challenge!

I just love the idea of starting from a blank page

I look after all the processes, but my husband is the visionary. We are really complementary. We can say that we cover all the bases, but I secure the bag. I have to consider all the juridical points for the company’s development (all the legal elements). I also act as a consultant for my customers in order to optimize their tax. I guide them during all the processes.

What do you love about what you do?

Thinking about strategies, new projects, and dealing with my staff is something I love. I also love just the idea of starting from a blank page and having to write everything to reach a goal.

Customer relationships is something I am still learning. During my formal career, my boss was mostly dealing with customer relationships. Now, I am the boss! And I am the one who needs to comfort the customers if there is a problem. I have realised that staying calm and neutral is not always an easy thing. Sometimes I can be tired, and at these times it can be hard.


When you start a business, the first challenge is yourself. I needed to be confident enough to believe that I could reach my goals. If you do not trust yourself people won’t give you their trust.

This is even more true when you have big goals. People always try to test you and rattle you. You have to be stable, and have very strong confidence. I think that I am still working on it with my business coach.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

The second challenge was to build the perfect team for my business. The team is so important because although I believe that my goal is totally realisable, I know it’s not possible alone.

If you do not trust yourself people won’t give you their trust.

And the last challenge is, as a mother, I need to respect my first values, which is FAMILY, and keep enough time for my children.

What are your goals?

I have many goals and they are changing very often as they always get bigger!

In business, I plan to reach more than 5 million turnover by the end of the year. In life, with my family, we plan to take a world tour by 2025 for 3 months and do this at least another 3 times.

Lessons learned?

I think I would better trust myself and my husband to do things. I mean that at the beginning, doubts and fear had made us place some people we did not really need in our business. This had slowed down my business in many points. When you start, you need to make sure you have the same goal as your business partner.

And the future?

I think that from now I will never ever go back to an employee job. I love too much being an entrepreneur! So I will keep doing my best to maintain my way of life.

I am not in business to make a lot of money all in one go and be retired at 40 years old, because I love working and I love the idea of building something and giving value to people.

I think that my life is already very close to the image I have of a perfect life.

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Article by Nat Newman

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