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Web Application Migration

We'll help you move your website quickly to our infrastructure so you can launch your app efficiently.

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Ready to move in?We’ll help you migrate your website for free.

Application migration done by experts.

We help you evaluate the health and security posture of your web applications along with understanding exactly when and how they will be transferred over JungleWP.

We transfer your web applications.

From WordPress to your headless CMS or other web applications, our experts assess the needs of your site and move it with minimal downtime to our cloud platform. We communicate with you in every step of the way and manage the migration for you.

Blazing fast load times

JungleWP improves your PageSpeed score by speeding up the loading of pages and assets. This is directly translated into a very good Google ranking signal.

Free white glove migration

Website migration from your current webhost to JungleWP, is free. We can transfer your website files, databases, scripts, and one domain for free.

24/7 Expert support

Industry-renowned customer service available round the clock to support you and transfer your site with minimal impact on your visitors.

We help you scale effortlessly

Our experts will transfer your site over to JungleWP, scale and manage the underlying infrastructure to ensure your website works at peak performance even under heavy traffic.

Reach ever further

JungleWP provides a best-in-class global content delivery network with unique granular performance optimization capabilities integrated to our architecture over 200 cities in more than 100 countries.

Security-centric migration

We ensure your cloud migration is secure, and enforce your security posture during the migration phase with security policies and attacks mitigation.

Migrate to JungleWP

The only fully managed cloud hosting platform dedicated to WordPress and modern web applications with a Human support.

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