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A better way toship web apps

Preconfigured 1-Click Apps you can deploy in 60 seconds or less letting you get your application off the ground quickly.

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Agility with a modern cloud infrastructure.

Launch in seconds

Save valuable time and deploy in 1-click servers with ready-to-go application environments.

Modernized tools

We review the best technologies so you have access to cutting-edge tools to build business applications.

Remove complexities

We remove the hassle of provisioning, securing, configuring and installing servers with our 1-click apps.

Production ready

Confidently deploy fully tested app environments from, project planning, source code management, to monitoring.

1-click preconfigured apps and tools

We’re delighted to be launching with a +100 handpicked set of 1-Click Apps built by technology partners who provide tools and services that have been in high demand from our developer community.

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    Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Customer Experience

    We provide a platform to empower SMB, SME, and Large Enterprise with the best cloud solutions that make it simple enough for everyone to launch their services and products into a global market and connect remote teams or social groups worldwide.

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    I have used JungleWP for our company and it has been very easy to pick up and specially suited for business, 1-click apps are easy to deploy and save us ton of hours from, updating, installing, and maintaining compatible software.

    Nicole W.

    On a mission to empower teams

    JungleWP Marketplace is a digital catalog with software listings from software vendors that make it easy to deploy quickly and seamlessly to the cloud, and to scale without hassle. Developers can find preconfigured applications and solutions that remove operational burden.

    JungleWP Marketplace is designed with simplicity at its heart. We work closely with a network of trusted partners whose apps and tools have carefully been vetted for seamless integration and deployment to deliver a seamless and reliable experience for users, creating the ability for business teams to deploy fully tested app environments with the click of a button.

    Whether you need an e-commerce, videoconference solutions, or a project management platforms, you can deploy any app or tool on the Marketplace with literally one click.

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    Blogs & Forums
    Databases & Monitoring

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    Select an app that suits you, then spin it up in 60 seconds or less. 100+ preconfigured 1-Click Apps are available including WordPress, Laravel, Docker, Zulip, Plesk, Bcoin and more.