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Cloud monitoring to enrichyour online business

Understand your data at a glance with complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform that scales.

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Observability of your infrastructure resources and applications health

Data and actionable insights.

JungleWP provide a ready to use straight out of the box monitoring and observability solution. To monitor your applications health, respond to system-wide performance changes, and optimize resource use.

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Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

We are proud to offer with our partners at MetricFire time-series analytics platform. Our solution collects, stores, monitors and visualizes application and infrastructure performance using Prometheus and Grafana-based visualization.

Unify, Analyze and orchestrate data at scale

We offer out of the box solutions tailored to our clients use-case for web infrastructure monitoring, and alerting for operations and engineering teams without the developement resources, time, and headache required to scale and monitor your services and web platform in-house.

Managed Platform Metrics

We provide insightful platform concurrent workloads as well as application health metrics to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Built-in Metrics Agent

Our metrics agent is built in your infrastructure and configured to stream metrics from your own applications to your cloud monitoring dashboard.

Security and Privacy

Your metrics are securely sent to your dashboard over industry standard HTTPS, carbon line protocol over TCP wrapped in TLS.

Graphite. Supercharged.

Our friends at MetricFire took the good parts of open-source Graphite and added everything it's missing: a built in agent, team accounts, granular dashboard permissions, and integrations to our cloud infrastructure and services to empower your growth evaluation and performance monitoring.

Beautiful Grafana dashboards

Get a deeper understanding of your data on a slick, feature-rich graph and dashboard editor.

Powerful, scalable, monitoring

We offer monitoring as-a-service, with all the capabilities missing from vanilla monitoring services – Grafana dashboards, long-term storage, and deeply technical support when you need it.
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We empower Developers and Operations teams with out-of-the-box observability solutions to solve real performance and scalability problems with accurate data.

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