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We manage your website’s care with daily verified updates, performance optimization, and security. So you can stay free and focused on creating your customer happiness.

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Loads In Milliseconds

JungleWP® improves your PageSPeed score (Google ranking signal) by speeding up the loading of pages and assets.

Always online

In the event that your server goes down, JungleWP® caches cached version of your website to keep your guests online.

Reach ever further

JungleWP® provides a best-in-class global CDN (content delivery network) with granular performance optimization capabilities.

Attacks mitigation

Mitigate the most modern web attacks of any size with JungleWP® unmetered protection, Page rules and WAF (Web Application Firewall).

Great Service! JungleWP is not only reliable but our interactions are always professional and better yet they keep our site 100% up to date in terms of service and maintenance. Recommended!

Stephan B.


Create web apps at rocket speed

We make it simple to launch your website in the cloud and scale up as you grow with an easy-to-use control panel. Happier customers, no stress, everyone wins.

It’s time you add great hosting

JungleWP® allows you or your developer to easily host your website painlessly on its own cloud server. Adding new websites is as easy as clicking a button.

User-Centric experience

JungleWP places simplicity and easy-to-grasp interractions at the heart of our designs to allow nimble and intuitive solutions.

Modern web hosting

Our cloud application platform is crafted to simplify Wordpress websites and modern web applications hosting at scale.

All in one platform

1-Click 100+ preconfigured applications you can deploy in 60 seconds or less including NodeJS, LAMP, Docker, Plesk, and more.

Global instant content

Place your server geographically closer to your visitors by choosing one of our data centers for 10X speed, security, and uptime, and deliver your content across +200 countries.

Managed cloud infrastructure

Fully managed web infrastructure and website security with a global CDN, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name servers.

Serverless computing

Focus on solving business problems instead of managing infrastructure. We bridge the gap between your web requirements and the cloud.
Page Rules

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Features your WordPress site need

Leave behind insecurity, slowness, high support load, complexity, and poor user experience of legacy hosting. JungleWP makes your WordPress hosting a breeze.

Verified Updates

We make sure your WordPress plugins and themes, are free of errors, and always up-to-date.

Backup and Restore

We always backup your sites. Should the worst happen you’ll have a 1-click restore option.

Web Application Firewall

We protect your site from state-of-the-art attacks so you can focus on your business.

Web Monitoring

We constantly monitor your website for errors, performance issues, and vulnerabilities.

Transactional Emails

Scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application.

Search Boost

Fast PageSpeed increases time on site and search rankings and security maintains trust.


One-click automatic SSL for multiple sites on each server as well as proxy SSL termination.

Multiple PHP

Select the version of PHP you'd like and improve compatibility for each single websites.

Page and Object cache

Speed up PHP execution times, reduce the load on your database, and deliver content faster.

Developer Tools

Improve productivity with WP-CLI, PHP CLI, Git, Composer, NPM or Yarn. The choice is yours.

PHP 8 Ready

PHP 8 brings many optimizations and powerful features to PHP applications such as WordPress.

Modern Hosting Stack

The fastest stack to run your websites: Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, MySQL, HTTP/3, Brotli.

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All plans include a free website migration from your current host for sites that don't exceed (4GB).

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    • I could not figure out how to setup calendar notifications without messing up our current team chat. Instead of just giving me directions, Gavin actually did it all for me. I am now 100% set up for success!

      TALISHA S.
      Team Collaboration
      TALISHA S.
    • Dejan did a great job assisting me today to fix PHP errors on my WordPress website and get emails working. Thank you Dejan!

      CLARICE R.
      Managed WordPress Hosting
      CLARICE R.
    • I’m so impressed with the level of service your staff member Amanda has given me. Congratulations on excellent service! Look forward to several years to come.

      WILLIAM F.
      Managed Static Apps
      WILLIAM F.
    • You guys have been great every single time I’ve ever needed anything. I recommend JungleWP to anybody I think could use your services.

      PETRA S.
      Marketplace Appliances
      PETRA S.
    • I have to say I`m constantly impressed with the customer service I receive at JungleWP. Amanda helped me out today in no time flat. Keep up the great work!

      RYAN K.
      High Availability
      RYAN K.
    • I have chatted with Franck a couple different times recently and he does an awesome job. Always patient, friendly and informative. Thanks for being a wonderful company.

      DARIUS J.
      High Availability
      DARIUS J.