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Securely connect remote teams instantly with audio and video, and easily work from anywhere and streamline your workflow with hundreds of integrations and services you love.

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Rocket.Chat UI

We partnered up with Rocket.Chat to offer you a simple way to grow your business, connect remote teams and easily launch your communication platform.

Franck K., CIO at JungleWP Ltd.

On a mission to empower teams

The philosophy espoused within the open-source ecosystem and the core values it is built upon are the reasons JungleWP works with teams and partners that are building technologies that enable a modern and innovative world that is, among other things, transparent, inclusive, equitable and secure.

With Rocket.Chat JungleWP strives to be a strong supporter of a revolutionary platform built to connect and empower communities on a global scale. We firmly believe that who you are, your connections and how you view the world, or live your life should be your own property.

Rocket.Chat along JungleWP give you back control over your data, your digital assets, your property while helping you to keep it safe. Our collaborative Hub aims to be a secure, resilient, decentralized network that makes collaborating easier. With our managed Rocket.Chat we enhance the best communication platform, for your peace of mind.

Collaboration made simple for you

We crafted the best managed cloud hosting platform to help you grow your business with services and solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Why managed Rocket.Chat?

JungleWP for remote teams helps companies improve collaboration and transparency while we proactively take over the regular care, security and maintenance of your ChatOPS. We enhance the best communication platform, for your peace of mind.


Focus on building products, not deploying and maintaining chat.

Unlock information

Stop digging through forum threads, emails, and old wikis.

Connect teams

Distributed employees can easily access your central source of truth.

Managed updates, security, backups, and monitoring.

JungleWP empowers your team with solutions that make your Rocket.Chat hosting a breeze so they can focus on effectively communicating and managing goals that matter to your organization’s success.

Managed ChatOPS

Relieve your own IT department by reducing administrative burden and technical barriers.

Your favorite Apps

Take your workflow to the other level with optimal integration and supported applications.
Team on a video call

Keep your workflow centralized for your global teams

Rocket Chat is a user experience centric messaging and collaboration service for agile teams that makes your workflow easy by centralizing all your tools in one platform. With JungleWP, you decide on which geographic location this happens on our dedicated cloud infrastructure.

“As a teaching company, with remote teams, we were looking for a cost-effective and secure collaboration platform. JungleWP went beyond our expectations by adapting RocketChat to our internal needs.”

Camille R. Proformation
Inbox user interface

Keep your teams connected, we manage your platform

You have enough on your plate without worrying about your team being out of the loop or the extra stress of them missing sales opportunities. Reduce costs, and increase your team performance by serving your clients from a unique platform tailored for boosting customer engagement, we take over the technical setup for you.

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Stay tuned as we alert both new and existing customers about changes in our team collaboration services and solutions.